What is Anthropology?

"Anthropology is the study of what makes us human. Anthropologists take a broad approach to understanding the many different aspects of the human experience, which we call holism. They consider the past, through archaeology, to see how human groups lived hundreds or thousands of years ago and what was important to them. They consider what makes up our biological bodies and genetics, as well as our bones, diet, and health. Anthropologists also compare humans with other animals (most often, other primates like monkeys and chimpanzees) to see what we have in common with them and what... Read More


The Central Department of Anthropology (CDA) is a leading teaching department at Tribhuvan University (TU) that offers quality higher education (MA, MPhil and PhD) in anthropology in Nepal. After more than three decades of existence as the joint department of Sociology and Anthropology, the Tribhuvan University established the CDA as an independent department in 2015. A 'new' department with a three decade of institutional and academic history, the CDA is committed to the Tribhuvan University’s vision of transforming the central departments as the centers for academic excellence. It aims at imparting students with a... Read More


The Central Department of Anthropology

  • Kirtipur Campus, Tribhuvan University Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • info@tucda.edu.np

  • +977-1-4334832 (10 am – 4 pm; Sunday-Friday)

  • www.tucda.edu.np